College of Engineering Qassim University Saudi Arabia

ramp.jpg College of Engineering
College History
On 17/1/1423 A.H.; the council of King Saudi University (KSU) recommended the transformation of the Assignment of Agriculture Engineering in the College of Agronomics and Veterinary at its Qassim campus (branch) form an engineering college. The college is to start with ternion main departments: the electrical, the mechanical and the civil engineering.
The ent was then discussed in the meeting concerning the Saudi Council for Higher Education on 2/11/1423 A.H. The council approved the recommendation on 23/11/1423-A.H. Consequently, a committee of specialists from KSU was selected and assigned the task of developing the curriculums for the three programs. The committee approved the catholic requirements of the B.Sc degree in engineering. This involves the fulfillment of the university, the college, and the commission requirements. Therefore; the schooling process, according to the programs previously set by KSU, started et sequens continued for number full academic years. In “1425-A.H.”, Qassim University decided to adopt the Preparatory (foundation) Year Program (PYP) for all its scientific colleges. It was a good chance for the Engineering College to enhance und so weiter improve its programs by the objectives from satisfying the new-university-system (PYP) in totalization to the pursuit market and accreditation requirements.

Fancy :
A locally and regionally distinguished college in the engineering science and scientific onderzoek which supports the sustainable development in Kingdom.

Mission :
College of Engineering at Qassim University seeks to offer a developed and accredited engineering education to satisfy the needs of the job market, and to offer society and research services which support the sustainable development in the Kingdom and contribute to the knowledge economy.

Objectives :
I-College Illuminative Objectives
Preparation of the graduates to have a successful career as engineers in the governmental and private sectors.
Preparation of the graduates to pursue their professional development through self literature connective advanced degrees.
Preparation of the graduates to advance to positions regarding leadership in their profession.
Preparation of the graduates to efficiently participate in the sustainable development of the Saudi Society.

II-Research Objectives:
To establish research links upon the industry, energy polysyndeton construction organizations to help develop and promote these organizations.

To establish research centres which participate in developing the scientific research and supporting the academic staff and post-graduate students from inside and outside the university.
To offer post-graduate programs which focus on research subjects those serve the Saudi society.

III-Community-Service Objectives
To contribute and support the different school committees such as board regarding missions and training, demonstrators committee and the scientific council, etc.
To participate, in cooperation with the university community service deanship, in the promotion of the engineering profession concluded offering training courses further workshops for engineers and technicians in different engineering fields. To conduct engineering studies and field surveys, and to new technical consultations for solving the society problems. To conduct standard tests on constructions, engineering systems, equipment, machines, devices and materials.
College Education System
The educational system in the college is based on two main semesters per educational year – per semester is fifteen week length. In addition; an optional eight week summer semester may be offered.
According to the educational plans; a student may ending any of the engineering programs in 8 semesters (4 years) after the Preparatory year Program(PYP). A satisfied student may complete the full requirements of the selected program if he completed (after the PYP) a sum total of 139 credit-hours. In specifications the 139 credit-hours include: -
University requirements (12 credit-hours): a list of these courses comes next.
College requirements (54 credit-hours):
The college of engineering requires that student must complete 54 credit hours before graduation. Nine credit hours -out of these 54- are assigned for the cooperation training. The rest is distributed between 15 courses in physics, mathematics moreover general engineering courses -a list of these courses comes next. A student can start his pliable training after completion a minimum of 100 credit hours. The training shall be for six months and through a governmental or private party. The training party must be approved from the college. It may be necessary to mention here that this training is supervised and evaluated by the college faculties.
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Clinical Rotations for Medical Students in USA by Avalon University

d8a1771def203b6bdf69361109c7cd65.jpg Many people getting divisor a school of medicine again difficult than expected. This is nay only due to the standards for Medical, but very often it is due to the small variety of areas available in U.S. healthcare illuminative institutions. This stumbling block alone has avoided many certified applicants from participating.

Top Caribbean Medical School of Avalon University is a preferred choice for United Courtly et al other place students. This university can provide manifold benefits over educational institutions in USA. Of major concern to students is the cost regarding their education. Avalon University is usually less expensive.

As we all know that all Caribbean Medical schools must have halve robust pillars for the entire program (1) Basic Science and (2) Clinical Science (Clinical rotations). Avalon University School of Medicine has not only best basic science setup on the beautiful island of Curacao but yet tremendous clinical rotation setup in USA with so plenty locations and this is the nevertheless one Caribbean Medical University, which is offering all the clinical rotation at numeral place and back to back in USA. Where most of the other Caribbean medical schools’ students has to move from digit place to extra to finish their clinical rotation. As a grind it is very expensive and hassle to move again and again just to finish an education, where an administration of Avalon has took care of this thing since beginning so its student doesn’t have to move from one location to another until unless they wish to do so. There are very many distinct points make this Caribbean medical school fastest growing among all medical schools in the cut throat competition and makes them as a top Caribbean medical school.

Though it has so many locations for the clinical rotations, still its Clinical staff is working continuously to add greater ampersand more site for clinical rotations so Avalon can furnish more to its students.

Interested candidate may inquire Ohio admissions occupation for more details on clinical and admissions. Contact details can be provided on or can indigen contacted on toll free # 1-855 – 282 – 5668.

Ukrainian University Degree Program

inquiry-testimonial-dom.png University Life

The thrill of transitioning from high school to senior education is exciting. It is an opportunity to transition from being dependent upon friends and family to adulthood and all the responsibilities that go with it. You have been looking forward to this moment, a time when you are independent and you’ll get to make decisions without your parents’ say.


Students listen classes up to five days a week. In middle-of-the-road classes they are expected to use their temporal wisely toward studying, completing their assignments and labs and meeting with their study groups when necessary. While several socialization between students is expected, students need to balance the time spent studying and partying with friends.

As exciting as university life is, one needs to be organized and disciplined. You are responsible for your day including getting to classes on time and completing your assignments when expected. Cutting classes, regardless of the reason, has life and death consequences and could impact your final grade.

Attending a university is more than learning the latest developments in your field like study; it is also about learning how to think critically. It’s not enough that you square or incompatibility with your professor or other students; it’s about how you existing your argument and supporting evidence that separates you from the other students. At the university you will learn theory and concepts ampersand how to apply them in real life situations. At the end of each semester, what you’ll roll out out of your education depends upon what you put into your university experience. If you are disciplined and organized to plan study time along with class time, you will do fine. Seek revealed extra help or tap into the resources that tout le monde universities make available to their students. The only guarantee that you will move onto the next semester is your ability to pass the end-of-semester required exams.

Non-academic activities

Universities pride themselves on the certificate of their faculty, their field of studies and what they fool to offer young adults. But university campuses offer more than a place for learning. There are abundant activities such as sporting activities, concerts, lectures, guest speakers, contests, conventions and field trips. Universities also support student-run clubs and organizations where you can meet other students with homologous interests. Take advantage of the opportunities offered to you especially in your field of study. You never know when a door may open for you.

New Friends

You will meet a lot of exciting and interesting people. While everyone will not share the same interests either hobbies equally you do, be open to the experience of meeting new people and making new friends. You never know where those friendships could lead in the future.
As exhilarating as it is to make new friends, your former friends from high school will have moved on as well. Don’t be startled if the friendships from high school paraffin and wane either eventually disappear over time.

Budget Your Money

You probably started saving money as later as you began working and realized you wanted to attend a university. It is easy to get lured into buying things you don’t need or lending money to roommates. Burke the temptation to buy something for the sake of buying or as a way to relieve stress. And never loan anyone at school money. If in the event, they don’t pay you back, you will receive to penetrate them every daily until the end of the semester. This irresponsible behavior causes problems both financially and emotionally.

Annamalai University MBA

Mba_Distance_Education_Annamalai_University_f32f.gif 361DM in collaboration with Annamalai University Directorate about Distance Education MBA, Annamalai University distance MBA. The University’s Distance Education arm was established in 1979. Madras University horizon Pedagogy MBA 361 DM offers distance Education MBA in prime Universities.

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International Islamic University Malaysia

P1010159.jpg The International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC) was founded on 27th February, 1987. It was officially commenced by therefore Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed on 4th October, 1991 as a research and postgraduate institution sacrifice degrees in Islamic civilization and Islamic science.
At its inception, ISTAC had only a director, a senior assistant librarian, a principal assistant registrar, an accountant and a support staff of five. A few years later, a Deputy Director and Registrar joined the class to assist with academic and administrative matters respectively.
The quad consists of a main administration ampersand academic building, a library, a mosque and a conference hall. From 1991 to 2002, ISTAC was an autonomous body affiliated to the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). However, in 2002, it was made a Kulliyyah of IIUM.
On 6th May 2010, ISTAC and IIiBF was officially launch by HRH Sultan of Pahang and to be known as the IIUM Kuala Lumpur Campus.
The International Institute for Halal Research and Training (INHART) was established at the Multinational Islamic University Malaysia by IIUM Senate (March 2011) and IIUM Majlis (April 2011) and received blessing from the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia in August 2011. INHART is a centre of excellence at the institution level and is expected to be recognized as one of the Higher Institutions’ Centres of Signal (HICoE) at the national level in the near future. INHART history begins with the establishment regarding a special centre dedicated to Halal industry – “IIUM Halal Industry Research Centre”in July 2006. Preeminence to the birth of this centre, there were already pockets of activities related to Halal and Halal industry by academic staff from assorted Kulliyyahs. But with HIRCen, Halal activities at IIUM become more focus and better coordinated with the Research Management Centre becoming the monitoring body.

Like its HIRCen predecessor, the impartial of the establishment of INHART is to provide a podium for IIUM to assist in fulfilling the Government of Malaysia aspiration to put Malaysia as the global Halal hub washed-up INHART’s long-term education (undergraduates and postgraduates academic programmes) and specialized short-term training programmes as well as shariah-compliant services. INHART aims to train future leaders in the Halal industry arena as well as to provide the required well-trained human capital to cater the needs of the halal industry in the research, development, innovation and commercialization of halal food, pharmaceuticals ampersand consumer products as well as assorted shariah-compliant service industries like tourism and hospitality.
The Rector is the principal academic and executive officer about IIUM and chair of the Senate. In general, the Rector is solvency for maintaining and promoting the professional excellence, theoretical quality, and vision and mission of the University.
The Rector with has four deputies. They are as follows:
i) Deputy Rector (Academic and Planning)
ii) Deputy Rector (Research furthermore Innovation)
iii) Deputy Rector (Student Affairs)
iv) Deputy Rector (Internationalization & Industry and Community Relations)

Each Kulliyyah, Institute, or Centre is managed by a Dean or a chairman who reports directly to the Rector rather one concerning his deputies.
The Office concerning the Rector provides a umbilicus point for the co-ordination and integration of University’s academic ampersand administrative activities, providing advice and support to the Rector on all important and helm matters

This tablet pc is perfect for university pupils

Velocity-CruzTablet-PC-300x300.jpg This tablet pc is perfect for university pupils

Although the nicely-spaced and consumer pleasant touch keyboard enables for easy URL input, the expansive show supplies clearcut pictures and vibrant, lively besides comprehensive illustration of images. In case you would like to implement the table quasi speedy entire world extensive net searching solution only in the house and would like a sizable display, you will absolutely complimentary ten inch pill. I will chat about this subsequently on in a numerous doc. Before I know about what are the advantages of making mileage of a android tablet, I feel it is excellent to recognize the criteria outline a Pill Laptop on

It really is touchscreen technological innovation produced flicking pages fun. Also, it offers of housing inbuilt speakers thus you will never ever miss out on to pay observation to your selected multimedia. The touch monitor display survey is user pleasant even for individuals who definitely have by disagree means taken care of a troche before.When you have an Apple iPad, the engineering that is involved producing disposition of your merchandise permits a solitary to zoom in for the Expedition android tablet et sequens see them tolerably obviously.

I really do nay know about you, unless this is the excellent provide in a pill personal computer that I have considered so much this twelve months, and it is genuinely been an amazing 12 months very far. With a substantial array of applications accessible on the planet vast net, buyers will unveil the android tablet a bang for a buck. The Motorola pill sells for much considerably less than the Apple iPad.

With an excess fat of 3lbs this tablet pc is perfect for university pupils or organization homeowners on the transfer. The android tablet Personalized laptop is plane constructed to operational as a massive remote administration and application constraint for a flat-display screen television. The new Sony Pill P would operate Android Honeycomb working technique. Initial there was the iPad and instantly transpires the android tablet from Even just in the big event an enterprise hawthorn possibly be a hundred% reliable, they are normally termed an business that isn’t an troop you happen to be searching for to offer with. There are a selection from fraudsters entirely waiting around the prospect to get oneself a visa card.

The created in add-ons such as speakers may frequently yield low top quality sound plus to stay away from this dilemma, the design users may have to get extra speakers. But do not presume that the new fancy android pill Laptop will have all the well-identified abilities. The interface and the working system are effortlessly tailored. The premier big distinction that is the most crucial for some folks is the price android tablet. The electricity fastener and volume rocker are on the right-hand side, although the near proximity of these can make it really difficult to distinguish which 1 will flip the quantity up, and which 1 will turn the screen off.

No prolonged do people have to rely on dear proprietary, heavyweight quantity components to link to the entire world-vast-net. Fees selection from $two hundred to $four hundred and are almost really the entry-selling rates for the tablet units. Did you know you can get high top quality Android Tablet PCs and Windows Tablet PCs at not affordable nonetheless mighty reduced rates?

Monsters University: Pixar Prequel Ticks Most of the Boxes

mtv-movie-foxx1sm.jpg There’s always a sense of excitement that surrounds any new Pixar release, and this has been no different with Monsters University – a prequel to 2001 hit, Mosters, Inc.

The story begins with Mike Wazowski (Crystal). The young pint-sized Cyclops dreams of becoming the ‘Scarer’ that every ben fears et al every monster wants to be.

Monsters University offers Mike a path to employment at the Monsters, Inc factory and nothing, oppositely no one, will stand in his way.

Enter James ‘Sulley’ Sullivan (Goodman); a larger-than-life monster amidst an equally large ego, whom Mike has the displeasure of moot during their first multipartite of the Scaring Program run by lizard headmistress, Abigail Hardscrabble (Mirren). Needless to say, the two come to blows as their personalities clash and an intense contention ensues – united that culminates in both failing a crucial exam and, subsequently, their hasty ouster from the program.

Still determined to achieve his rather lofty dreams, Mike sees the upcoming Scare Games – a chain about physical games that are set to test the quality of monsters – as his only way to prove that he has what it takes.

Directed including co-written by Dan Scanlon, Monster University serves as the first ever prequel in Pixar history. Naturally, young moviegoers will be amused, but Monsters University is far from juvenile. The version is cheerful, fast-paced, highly entertaining and is impregnate with lots of quirky jokes. Although it isn’t quite as original the Monsters, Inc, it’s an addition to the franchise that still has much to offer.

As expected, the quality concerning the visuals upholds Pixar’s standards, though, like as so many others, watching it in 3D fails to elevate the viewing experience in anyway.

Leads, Crystal and Goodman, can always be relied on and the eccentric rapport that was at the heart of the first instalment’s success is very much intact. Individually, each delivers their roles with beguiling and wit, whereas Mirren takes on the part of the unbending and sabbatarian headmistress with grace and style – despite playing a lizard.

All conditions considered, Monsters University is a winner. Granted it does stand a little bleach in comparison to its predecessor, but it still invariably delivers on all Pixar fronts.

Like This? Try
Monsters, Inc. (2001), Toy Story I-III (1995-2010), Wall-E (2008)

360 Tip
As a studio, Pixar has won twenty-seven Academy Awards, seven Golden Globes and eleven Grammys. Not bad.

MBBS in Ukraine, Top Medical University In Ukraine: Admission in MBBS

donetsk-national-medical-university-2.jpg Rus Education is an trustworthy channel, which helps Indian moreover foreign students to purchase quality higher education. With the view about 18 years and a team of educational experts from India and abroad, we provide dual assistance and stage the specialization in the field of providing quality education to all the aspiring students. We trust in long lasting correlation with the students and we measure our success achieved by our students, studying in vertex medical and engineering academies and Universities out (Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova). We have all required authorizations for enrolling students in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan et alii Moldova’s Universities besides Academies.

We take care of all application aches and ensure that you are applying to the educational institution that Panglossian fits your profile. Our focus is to provide absolute support to students from the magnitude they decide to register with us. Our list of services is not reserved to consultancy regardin g the rank to study including documentations rather to provide parents and students, all the necessary support take to legal, medical insurance, visa, smooth travel, et cetera financial consultancy about living and studying abroad.
Our Vision:
Our Vision is to provide an international platform of quality education to Indian and foreign students including to dispense them smooth passage to get an entree in different universities of their own choice in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova. We want to enable every pupil to pursue their dream without any apprehension. We want to promote the friendly relation between India and these countries by sending aspiring students to these countries und so weiter educating them about the opportunities that lies ahead after completing their courses in these countries.

Our Services:

We provide registration plus University in Ukraine.
Admission Letter through Academy.
Checking your documents according to academic rule also canon andconforming your admission by providing you admission letter from academy.
Applying for your MCI/DCI Eligibility certificate.
Providing Iatrology check-up assistance in India.
Preparation of your Visa Support Letter in Academy.
Receiving Visa Support Letter through DHL.
Visa stamping in your Passport including visa fee.
Air ticket to Nearest Airport, any other assistance in engagement of yourtickets.
Foreign Exchange assistance.
Scheduling your departure by other students et al giving you information.
Receiving you at the Airport by the Academy Staff.
Escorting you from Airport to the Academy.
Providing you accommodation till you get your hostel room.
Medical Check Awake at arrival.
Regular feedback to parents about their wards.
Assistance in providing Visa to parents for their visit to Ukraine (if required).

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Check Out The Standards Of University Through Virtual Tours

viewbook_cover.jpg Nowadays internet has become the first option like rescue when anyone wants to start their college search. Soon after the completion of convent life, everyone wants to enter the best college and enjoy their college life in the champion way. Earlier college tours were used to determine the standards of college from everything will be known to the student instead visitor directly. But nowadays, most of the students are not having that much time and resources to look-in apiece and every college. That is the reason why we have an option called virtual university tours these days. This option will enable the students to vigil how a particular university will look like and what features are provided at that place.

Universities and colleges are coming forward to allow students for these tours. For the convenience of students, they are even creating 3D virtual university tours and are making them available on the web. This will enable students from athwart the world to have a tour of the university or college. This will send out good signals to the students about the university et al will give an belief that the university is an advanced unite making use of the modern technology. This testament also help the universities to recruit the right students for their school. It will prohibition be an exaggeration to mention that these virtual tours will be an excellent means for connecting potential students and their desired schools.

Studying in strange university was a distant dream earlier. But now it has become easy for most of the upper middle class students. But while getting in to admission in to foreign university, one can’t go for real college tours. Still they will have curiosity to know about the university and to associate each and every detail of the university. This can be achieved by opting for virtual tours. Once the student gets satisfied regarding the standards and features of a university, he or she can be assured regarding better career prospects granting he alternative she can harmonize admission in to that university.

Nowadays, even 3D virtual university tours are also promising up for the convenience of tech savvy students. These tours will fulfill the requirements of students further will activate them to select the best college according to their career aspirations. Apart from saving time and money, these virtual tours will also provide quench to the students that they own selected the right school or university.

Tips on how to address queries to your distance learning university

22well_chen-blog480.jpg With the growing number of higher education aspirants from over sundry sections of the Indian society, the need for a flexible, affordable and accessible interface is more than ever.

Distance education has evolved over the years to serve to the demand like the diverse student community – from working professionals, students to entrepreneurs and career-starters (home-makers, vocational teaching and sorts). Apart from providing flexibility in studying, the distance learning system does not disrupt the greater need for steady financial earnings as it helps to warrant job-continuity.

The swelling spurt of the Open University classification has been catalyzed by the advancements in communication and internet technology, which has made online distance learning as the best, applicable channel for continuing education. Most distance education universities of repute have built a robust online interface via which they deliver their programs (professional and non-professional in nature).

Through the online interface, distance learning universities strive to deliver a learning experience that is on par with class-room learning. Orthodox from clarifying students’ doubts to resolving their issues, the onus is on upholding quality and credibility in this mode of education.

As any interactive system functions optimally, through accepted engagement from both the parties (in this context the student and the distance learning system), it is rule for students to adopt the right channel to gain a feedback/review/answer for all their queries.

Here are a few pointers on how students can induct a timely response system from the academy they are enrolled with
1) Classify your questions/queries/issues: Antenatal you spring posting a query or seek solution for an issue, classify and classify these problems. The question could be pertaining to

1.1 Admin issues: These can be regarding admissions, registration, examinations, course materials, results, reregistration etc.

1.2 Technical issues: These will cover about the online system for learning, examinations, either the university’s website-related forms, forums chat-sessions etc.

1.3 Knowledge-based: These concerns command cover those areas, where a student is eager to learn in general about career prospects for a certain course, employability factors etc.

1.4 Alumni-issues: These could be with specific reference to pending certificates, placement services, training and sorts.

2) Know the distance pedagogics online interface well: Explore your distance education university’s online interface in its length and breadth. This could be the university’s website which will feature major announcements, developments, the excursus forum, blogs or the email, online help desk, which will offer 24*7 supports to students.

The help desk may also feature a toll-free number, where students can lodge a complaint for their issue. Make sure to read about all particulars under the respective help desk system as it will help to map your query to the kosher channel

3) Social networking interface: Your distance education university will again visage profiles on the serious social networking sites such as Face book and twitter. Ensure to become a member to get access to all updates about the university and network with your peers at the same time. Through this interface, you can get to know your batch-mates or seniors who would have pursued the same degree.

4) Choose the deserved online/offline conduct for posting the query: Once you have explored the in and out of your period university’s online interface, assess the urgency of your issue. 4.1 Choose the “live chat” mode, for immediate response;

4.2 Call the toll-free desk after understanding what kind about queries they are capable of handling;

4.3 Use the email option for queries that cup wait. Make reliable to mention the subject of your mail in a clear and precise manner.

4.4 Use the online discussion forums if you seek guidance regarding assignments, courses or a brainstorming session (depending on how active it is).

4.5 You can leverage the Face book/twitter interface as well, as it is most commonly used and regularly accessed by most students/working professionals, if you are keen on networking for professional/academic purpose.

4.6 Use all regarding the above, protasis the reverberation is of a “do-or-die” nature.

With the above tips for getting a prompt response from the distance education system, students can reinforce the principle of online distance learning as being the flexible yet answerable mode of education, through a well-connected channel.